Thursday, 30 June 2011

Seen and Love! Summer 2011

Whilst cruising around the internet its hard not to stumble across things that are amusing and fantastic. My bookmarks tab is always full of images I came across and stored away to look back upon another day...

Heres a random selection of images I thought I would share from my 'Seen and Love' bookmark folder... :)

Bygone Summers
'On a warm midsummer day, the young girl enjoys the sun on her face, while her shady hat is filled with the essence of summer times. The straw becomes a cornfield abounding with wild flowers and butterflies, and little scenes of idyllic rural life.'

Fantasy artist Josephine Wall

A young mans dream...
What Not To Crochet 

Thursday, 9 June 2011

New Hand Felted Purses!

I've just added some NEW PURSES! to my Coriandr shop. I used merino wool and creative yarns to design and make the felt and used various textured and metallic yarns for stitching.

These little purses are so unique, soft and cute... how could anyone resist! :)

Pop over to my shop and have a look!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Moon and Stars Wall Hanging

Here’s a cute little tutorial on how to make your own Moon and Stars soft wall hanging.
It can be used as a decoration piece for any room, over the bed or cot, hanging on a door or even from a light.

What you will need for the moon and stars:
• Two different types of fabric (or use the same on both sides, your choice)
• Scissors
• 4 pairs of buttons
• Thread
• Stuffing or wadding
• Card

What you will need for the mobile:
• A twig or stick
• Clear thread
• Decoration yarn

Step 1: