Monday, 29 August 2011

Felt Workshop with Heather Miler

Felt Sample by Heather Miler
On Monday the 22nd of August I attended a 4 hour long Felt Workshop by Heather Miler, part of Craft NI’s August Craft Month.
The workshop took place in Derry’s Craft Village. 

Nothing like a bit of craft therapy on a Monday morning, I could have played around all day! :)

more samples by Heather . . .

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Personalised Pinwheels

I hope you are having a great summer wherever you are . . . and I hope you have had a chance to get away and relax . . . we all deserve a little break now and again. :)
I don’t know about you but the weather with me has been a little disappointing this summer, unpredictable would be the word! I suppose I shouldn’t complain so much as we have had a few sunny spells to warm our bones.

Well whatever the weather here is a little tutorial to pass the time on how to make your own custom pinwheel . . . why not make a few and decorate your vegetable patch or brighten up some flower pots.

What you will need:

• Card (6”x6”)
• A ruler
• A pencil
• A bead head pin
• A bead (5mm or above)
• A stick
• Glue or blue tack
• Decorating materials (I used crayons but you could also use paints or markers or even glue on pictures or shiny paper… experiment :)
• Wire cutters

And heres how its done: